Friday, April 27, 2012

[PERSONAL][GEEK] The Avengers: You'd Probably Want To See It Again (And Again...)

All of a sudden, social networking sites and the Internet are buzzing about "something new in town." But for geeks--at least the geeks I know and are often with--have been WAITING for this for a very long time.

So yes, I've watched Joss Whedon's AWESOMEOMGASDF;;AS attempt at one of Marvel's superhero teams, known as, well, "The Avengers." :)

Be careful, there may be spoilers.

Let's just put this here for a touch of extra awesome.

I have to be honest; prior to watching this film, I simply had a very poor background on this superhero team. I've watched the cartoons "Iron Man," "Captain America," and "The Incredible Hulk" as a child, although I didn't religiously stick to every episode... back then, I found the cartoons too vintage for me. But little did I know that the whole franchise meant a lot to fans and geeks all over the world, who had not only watched the  cartoons, but read and collected the comic books (something which I haven't even done yet! FOR SHAAMMME. SHUN THE NON-BELIEVERRR), and recently, watched the stand-alone films of "Hulk," "Thor," "Iron Man," and "Captain America." And among those films I've mentioned, I've only watched both Iron Man films.


So when a friend organized a group screening of the film and invited me to join, I still had no idea what his the hype was all about. :P In fact, he is such a dedicated fan of the superhero team that his username in most of our geek forums is "pinoyavenger." You can check out the Facebook page he's set up for the fandom here. ^_^

Let's make these posters huge now. So everyone can seeeee (and before anyone sues me: this poster is copyright of MARVEL. Look at the logo over there. Look, look.)

Basically, I stepped into the theater not knowing what to expect. I neither had high nor low expectations. Perhaps I had expectations that it'll be fun. And good. Something that the geeks will smile about in the end. There were about 30 of us that filed into the cinemas of opening day (it was April 26 over here!). Pinoyavenger was having the time of his life hosting the geekfold and giving away free buckets of popcorn while we waited for the show to begin. That aside, all I had before I watched the film was a blurb from

Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. brings together a team of super humans to form The Avengers to help save the Earth from Loki and his army.

DUHR. That was some special blurb right there. However, that dwindled to almost nothing compared to the posters (which I mostly got from HERE -- I MUST warn you though. The link directs you to a page that will most definitely contain some spoilers):

I'm not going to beat around the bush and mention who plays who, as the cast and crew are all on the IMDB site. All I can say now, though, without giving away spoilers and yet setting a level of expectation is that this is one awesome production.

Sure, it may have a standard plot, with maybe a few tweaks or two: there's the misunderstood emo-ish bad guy with the funny armor. There's this bunch of super heroes learning how to fight as a team. There's an organization that recruits them that may have a shady plot or three. But all these kinks are PETTY and PUNY compared to what the film had to offer its first-time viewers and yep, the franchise's long-time fans.

I'm not speaking from the viewpoint of a hardcore fan--let pinoyavenger indulge you with his wellspring of love for the lore. Rather, I'm speaking from a viewpoint of someone sort of new to the franchise, and yet with a touch of geek as well.

The acting, Alan Silvestri's film score, the script, the one-liners, the action, the explosions, Tony Stark's quips, Iron Man's toys for the big boys, Thor's confusion-conviction-confusion, Dr. Banner's mild-mannered charm, The Hulk's Incredible-ness (haha), the fluid sexiness of the Black Widow, Hawkeye's precision with the bow, Captain America's old-fashioned wisdom in his super blue eyes (wait I don't think the objective part of me is already speaking at this point)... there's just so much to watch out for!

I didn't even bother looking at the ratings in Go ahead and look at your own risk, but whether it deemed the film a win or a fail, it doesn't really matter--what matters is that you deserve to watch it, with good enough expectations, with that kid in your heart, and that hawk awe in your eye (OH LAWLz~).

At the end of the film, though, we just simply CLAPPED. It was indeed fun. There were indeed smiles on our faces. AND OH YES. Don't up and leave after the initial ending credits. There's a teeny bit more... but if you haven't read the comic books, you will ask questions. :P

Don't grow up just yet. Watch it once, watch it twice. Then collect the tumblers and the mugs and the toys and more toys and of course the comic books and the books and...............



Unknown said...

I was waiting for somebody who had no knowledge whatsoever of the franchise to share their take on the movie. This was very enlightening. Thanks for joining me! And thanks for sharing my links! Haha!

ladyraggedycat said...

Thanks too, Neeek! ^__^ Yup, hope your page got more likes? ^^ Till next gig! :D (and yes I'll be collecting those tumbler.s :P)

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