Sunday, August 28, 2011

[Animal Welfare][Personal] Kitteh Photo of teh Week.

This is my kitty #1, Chunyi (NOT "Chun-li." :P). He's your typical snooty, grumpy, I-love-you-when-you-feed-me-and-give-me-belly-rubs cat. Otherwise, he will sleep and generally ignore my existence. But I SO love heeeeeem. <3 His snootiness is what makes his personality unique among my other cats that love and demand attention. O_O Chunyi contorts in such a manner when he demands belly rubs, STAT.

I'll feature more of my kitties in the following weeks. Don't worry, I don't have a CRAZY WHOLE LOT of kitties. xD

In other news, the only grammatically wrong phrases I accept are in LOLspeak. AHAHA~

Have a hopefully not-so-stormy week ahead, folks! ^_^;


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