Tuesday, September 20, 2011

[Geek] After 2 weeks: a POST ^^

...and I'm on a blogging backlog, it seems. I've had a line of posts in mind to create, so let me see if I can do a posting marathon for all those things. LOST TIME IS LOST. :( Procrastination is never really a good thing, no matter how many reasons people (like me >__>) "justify" to make it sound better....

BUT NOW, let me first start off with some glorious ThunderCats fanart:

LION-O: HUG!!!!!! <3
(The orb in Tygra's vest tunic kinda  makes him look like he's got b00beez. >__>)

Fanart has been brought to you by Farfie-kins, the same artist of the fanart in this post. Check out his other pretty awesome fanart, some which include characters from "Avatar: The Last Airbender" and "Teen Titans." ^_^ If I only had his talent, I'll be building my fanart "portfolio" like crazy. 

So now, this supposedly non-ThunderCats blog is now displaying an array of ThunderCatty-ness again. =O_O=

For those who haven't watched the 2011 reboot of "ThunderCats" yet, YOU SHOULD WATCH. MUST WATCH. :3 It may be some leaps and bounds different from the 80's series which a lot of us 80's children grew up with, but it IS. JUST. AS. AWESOME (or... dare I say? MORE awesome). :)

And I think some beauty gurus in YouTube are picking up on this geek trend (<--oxymoron?) somehow. Take, for instance, this make-up tutorial by ThePinkLadyJ inspired by Cheetara's look in the 80's series:

Also, Halloween is just around the bend, so a lot of our beauty gurus are cooking up some tutorials which would help their viewers complete their Halloween look/costume. OH GOODIE GOODIE.

Now, on to the next post as soon as I can! ^__^


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