Monday, October 10, 2011

[Personal]October: BIRTHDAY MONTH AHOY! :) (And... Halloween!)

Wow, I'm sure some of my readers (where are youuu? Come out, come out, wherever you are and do leave some comments. xD) thought that I've abandoned my blog after not having an update for a couple of weeks... again. O_O I've been busy with other shenanigans (am I ever busy? HAHA) but contrary to popular belief, I haven't abandoned my blog at all. :P In fact, far from it. As I've mentioned before, I've lot of posts lined up for this blog, some of which are already overdue. X_x Congratulations, Ms. Procrastinator. If there'd be an award for such, you'd be queen of the world. >__>

ANYWAY, a lot of things have happened since my last post, and I'll be making some recounts of those in my blog soon, if not right away. :)


'Tis October. 'Tis the month of mah birth, and the month of Halloween. ^^

I've friends (I'm looking at you, Nazgulqueen!) who wish their birthdays fell on the month of October, especially its latter part, because 'tis the month which the heathen world (and commercialism... ahehehe) celebrate Halloween. :) I try not to associate All Hallow's Eve with religion and whatnot... I've also Pagan and Wiccan friends who celebrate it in their own small but sacred way. I celebrate Halloween for its prettily fantastical and ghoulish things: costumes, costume parties, LOTS OF candy, scary movie marathons, ghost stories, and JELL-O SHOTS. xD

Some of my first Halloween parties which I've had after age 18 involved the colorful, wonderful world of Jell-O shots. Apart from taffy apples and pumpkin soup and pie, Jell-O shots rather defined my "must-have nomz for when Halloween arrives." The colors and flavors mask the alcohol which those tiny blobs contain, so after a few gulps, you'd notice that you're having this big smile on your face. BUT all in moderation... unless you're partying in a place with close friends and people you trust. xD Bottomline is, if I don't have Jello-O shots on Halloween, I try to make them part of my birthday. :P

I've had memorable birthdays; I've had crappy birthdays; I've had birthdays I don't even remember because they were that uneventful or bad. I've learned to make most of my birthday, whether people give a sh!t or not. :P In fact, I've already got a birthday present for myself, which I'll include in one of my future posts. :)

AND one other thing I like about birthdays is that people give you presents. :P There were birthdays when I didn't receive a whole lot of presents at all; there were birthdays when I did receive some pretty awesome presents. It's mostly safe to post one's wishlist on a birthday month, because people would most likely (no guarantees, though!) pay attention to said wishlist. :P So Imma do that it my next post... so yes, DO PAY ATTENTION. :P

It's my party and I'll NOM IF I WANT TO :))

Another year older. Age is just a number. Or not? ^_^0

So, any Octoberians too here? :)


*Jell-O shots photos from HunyBunyBun and murderousmusings. :)


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