Tuesday, January 24, 2012

[Personal] And After 3 Months... A New Year! ^_^;

Well, took me a while to return to "updating" again! :P And why yes, apart from having a blog post backlog from LAST YEAR, I do have a list of topics to tackle in future posts.

Procrastinating Kitteh Is Procrastinating. AWWWW YEAH.

Also, I'm a little bit more resolute now in changing the abomination of a photo reflected from my last post (yes, the Zombie hand jutting from the bowels of the earth) which has been in kikaytrekkie's right-hand bar where she lists down the blogs she recommends to he readers (thanks again for that, girl! ^_^) for a whole THREE MONTHS. 

BUT before anything else:

It's this time of year when people decide that what they've resolved to do last year needs to be resolved (again) for good this year. :P For instance, I have a couple of resolutions from last year which I'd carry on and carry over to this year, and a couple of new ones, too. To share, and to hopefully get support from fellow bloggers out there with just about the same goals, here are: 


1.) Reach my ideal weight. It won't be just about hitting the gym... In fact, I can do my workouts at home with the very manual equipment I have now... I just need the *surprise* RESOLVE and motivation. ^^; Also, it's about eating more healthily, and if possible, return to my all-vegetarian diet. Most importantly, it's about getting the discipline to get off my butt, fight the excuses, and actually do those reps and dance workouts. Also, I'm just about into the whole Zumba thing right now. It's quite fun if my glum days haven't killed the fun out of it. BAHAHA.

2.) Blog regularly. I do hope that you guys will be getting more from this ol' blog of mine, and know more about the different stuff that catch my fancy and interest which, I hope, would catch yours too. :) I've been following some friends' blogs and are quite awed and a tad envious of how they're so dedicated to churning out something new for their readers. For me personally, it doesn't matter if I put something new up every week, bi-weekly, or even everyday... my blog just needs to have enough substance by the time half the year is over. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. :))

3.) Get new perspectives on life. NOW this is deep and very abstract... but that's how I can put it right now. xD I realized that I've been in a rut for the past couple of years figuring out my potential and priorities and all that emotional, mental, and existential shiz. I do believe that I have a lot of potential; I just don't have enough confidence to get out there and nail it. I've nailed a few things here and there, but not the big stuff. I think it's really time for the big stuff. Time for that little Bilbo journey. ^^;;;

Zany hipster Uncle Bilbo from "The Broship of the Ring"... O_o

I have a few more resolutions... but they seem more of "wishes" than resolutions (I've read that there is a definite difference between the two. :P). In any case, I'm putting my top 3 resolutions out there for the world to see. There's no turning back now. *face of determination........*

I'll leave the post at that for now, since I talk too much when writing my thoughts down and long post might end up being longer. :P 

Have a nice week ahead, luvs! Here's to a more epic 2012... and may the world not end just because the Mayan calendar said so (of course I'm joking here, kinda). 


*Le Credits: Zany Uncle Bilbo is courtesy of GingerHaze's Tumblr Page. Fun fun site with a lot of her scribbles, doodles, 'n stuff. ^_^


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