Friday, February 3, 2012

[Personal][Beauty] A Mini Haul, and RETRO TOYS! :P

Aha! So this is the first time I'm using my labeling system and I'm already doing a double-label. :P Well, if I just write about the mini haul, it'll be an awfully short post (a mini post for a mini haul... though not bad for those with ADHD hahaha I kid, I kid!! ^_^;;;). 

I sort of have this goal of saving up more this year, so I try (yes, it's the magic word) to limit my spending as much as possible. Therefore, I'm giving myself the illusion that if I do small hauls at a time, it won't feel that I'm spending a lot.... :P

u've got 2 b kiddin meh

Enough rambling! On with the bits I got for the past week:

Nature Republic, which is one of the Korean cosmetics brands quickly becoming popular in the country, opened a branch in Festival Mall in the latter months of last year, and I only got to finally drop by the place now. AND it's because I didn't even know that there was a Nature Republic in Festival Mall... until I visited their Facebook fan page, and kikaytrekkie mentioned it in passing in one of her blogs.

So I go in, browse through the stuff, but at that moment a few piqued my interest... see, I was shutting my mind down a bit from the temptation of dishing out some dough for pretty things (but was still taking down some mental notes of their products which I'd like to try someday). The nice SA guided me through the store, asking what my skin type was, etc. I was settled on telling her that I'll be back someday since it's my first time in the store and only wanted a look-see, and was about to glide out of the doorway when a curious little thing caught my eye... it was hanging among the "accessories" section:

Yyyeaaah. It's a tiny face scrubber thingie (what a profound description!) which slips into the three middle digits of your hand quite snugly, and has the texture of a face towel, basically. I'll do a review on that soon... I just about used it twice. ^_^

Anyway, here's the rest of my mini-haul, which consists of two items from Lush:

The "soap" I got is actually a shampoo bar (disc?), and the little tin with the pink label below it is lip tint.

I do get a lot of tips from kikaytrekkie, and the shampoo bar was one of her tried and tested recommendations. It didn't have a name when I picked it up at the Lush store from Alabang Town Center, but I believe it's called "Stimulating Spice Shampoo Bar." And IT SMELLS SO DARN GOOD. IT SMELLS OF CINNAMON OH LOVE LOVE. Rather reminded me of Christmas, it did. I hope the nice lady at the store didn't feel all weirded out as I kept sniffing on a bar of this and getting high.


I actually had a purpose of going to Lush that day, and it was so see if they still had any of that much-raved about Snow Fairy Shower Gel lying around... only to find out that it quickly sold out even days before Christmas. Dang, I'd have to wait till next Christmas again since those things are seasonal. Fortunately, the lip tint from the same line was still available, and at half-off price at that, so I ended up getting it anyway, if only to fill that Snow Fairy Shower Gel-shaped hole in my heart in vain.

I s'pose I'll do a review of my Lush haul when I can. :)



My aunt was sorting out a room full of old toys since my dad will be visiting from overseas this weekend (and for the rest of February ^_^). In the process, she unearthed some artifacts of my childhood... MY PLAY-DOH SETS.

Ah, they bring such memories. Play-Doh was definitely one of my favorite toys as a child, and among one of the last toys I "gave up" as I grew older.

Yes, you saw that, all right. TMNT. :) Not by Play-Doh, though...

And "The Little Mermaid," this time by another brand, "Super Dough."
Ah, reminiscing those lovely times of yore.


I'm sure a lot of ya'll out there have a toy or two that remind you a lot about the good times of your littlest youth. :P

Well, that be all for now. I gotta return to work and make more moolah to feed the need for shiny objects (huh?).




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