Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Labeling System: Let's See How This Works

Why hello there, my dear gentlefolk! ^_^

I initially planned to put up a blog with a hodgepodge of posts about my not so glamorous life and my interests, and I'd like to keep it that way. My only concern now is that I have a whole slew of interests ranging from geek stuff to cats and beauty blogging (I try!), so I've to devise a way of organizing my posts so that topics on them don't come as totally random/out of the blue when they appear in people's feeds (for example: first you read about apples, and then we arrive to monkeys. Wait. Whut?).

Hence, my idea of adding labels to my post titles. ^^;

yay brilliant

The labels will be enclosed in brackets [like so], followed by the title of the post itself. Of course, the label name will be included among the tags (funny, because a tag IS a label. :P Oh well, small difference for the sake of my silly little organizing system).

So then, here will be the category labels of the majority of what my hopefully many future posts will be about:

1. [Beauty] - For when I post about makeup, skincare, and fashion (again, I try. :P Newbies FTW!!!!)

2. [Shape] - For when I post about tracking how far or not I've accomplished my weight loss goals (as per 2012 New Year's Resolution)

3. [Geek] - For when I post about the fandoms I adore and belong to, and would mostly be about books, TV series, cosplay, and all general wonderfully weird stuff geeks indulge in.

4. [Animal Welfare] - For when I post about my CARA activities and share animal welfare news locally and from all over the globe.

5. [Personal] - For when I post stuff about my personal life. I'm not a fan of oversharing, so don't worry about that bit. ^^ I'll be placing here reviews on food, hangout spots, and places I've gone while travelling... not that I travel a lot, but I do go places every now and then. :)

6. [Misc] - For anything under the sun that doesn't seem to fit under any of the aforementioned categories.

And since I've read somewhere (will link when I've recalled) that images included in a blog post can ease a post's monotony, I present to you random and eerily pretty art:

"Karakuri" by Keith Thompson (

This labeling system is for immediate implementation, so expect me to start using them in my next blog entries. :)

Enjoy the rest of the week! :D




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