Saturday, March 31, 2012

[Beauty][Animal Welfare] Cruelty-Free Beauty: Who's Against Animal Testing?

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I do think we've reached this day and age when most people are starting to turn to organic stuff for health and humanitarian reasons. Of course, the matter of animal testing for products we h00mans would normally use is definitely more than just being "on trend." Conscientious consumption is making its way to the forefront, to the relief and delight of animal welfare-ists, and to the immense joy of beauty junkies who would rather not have innocent bunnies suffer on their behalf. In fact, most cosmetics web sites have FAQ or mission/vision sections that specifically address the "animal testing" concern.

Also, labels on the products themselves are now being more prominent enough (albeit in fonts or pictures as tiny as the ingredients and instructions print :P) that sooner or later, they'd be hard to miss. This brings me to show you some examples of brands and their products that I own and have been using that bear the "cruelty-free" emblem. Note that I'll first show the product, and beside it would be how their respective "cruelty-free" labels look like. :) (Click on the photos to enlarge them.)

**FTC: I don't get paid or sponsored to feature these products. I'm just supporting these brands for the awareness they bring to their consumers. ^^**

E.L.F. (Blush and Bronzer Duo)

The Body Shop (Macadamia Straightening Balm)

Mario Badescu (Drying Cream)

Mineral Flowers (Rose & Geranium Facial Wash)

Some proudly Pinoy-made/local products:

Cyleina (Black Pearl soap)

Beach Hut (Hair and Scalp sunblock spf 20)

And here are some brands available from one of my favorite go-to stores for various cruelty-free skincare and haircare stuff: Healthy Options. :)

Alba Botanica (leave-in conditioner for color-treated hair)

Alba Botanica Acnedote (oil control lotion)

Tints of Nature (Seal & Shine leave-in conditioner)

Stuff I got online/abroad:

One With Nature Dead Sea Salt Soap

Manic Panic (in Vampire Red) and Special Effects (in Candy Apple Red) semi-permanent hair dyes

Best With Blueberries (Body Spray)

The "cruelty-free" or "against animal testing" label comes in different forms and shapes, but in basically the same size, so look for it as best as you can around the packaging. :P You can't miss it! :)

However, not all products that are against animal testing are free from animal-derived products. Some known ingredients such as beeswax still pervade in some products as emolients. On the other hand, there are products that are considered "vegan" and contain all vegetable-derived ingredients. The "vegan" label isn't as permeable yet as the "cruelty-free" one, so it's best to check the ingredients list first. ^_^ To give you more than a peak, here's a page from that lists down animal derivatives in all their names and definitions .

I love animals, and I love makeup, and I know that I'm not the only one. ^^ We gotta settle for something no less as much as possible, right? :)

These kitties very much approve:

Look how they uh... sleep like babes (Chunyi, ya can't peek, yer supposed t' be asleep xD).

Stay tuned for another entry on cruelty-free beauty in time for Prevention of Cruelty To Animals Month. 



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