Saturday, March 3, 2012

[Beauty] Kikaytrekkie's Valentine Giveaway! :D

Kikaytrekkie or Marge's blog, one of the beauty blogs I mainly follow hosted a giveaway for Valentines this February, and quite interested with the prizes, I decided to join the giveaway, which happens to be the first one I've entered in EVAR. :o Marge has held a couple of giveaways before, but somehow, I paid more attention to this one and actually had the perseverance to follow the giveaway's guidelines to the dot. I sent the needed details off, not really expecting to win, but excited all the same since, after all, it's the first giveaway I participated in. It's worth the shot, yes? ;)


I do recall winning some minor raffles in the past, especially in my company's Christmas parties were I won a portable (but electric) stove at one time, and then a mini griller at another (it appears that the universe is telling me: "learn how to cook, woman!!!"). Yep, there's a bit of luck for me when it came to raffles and I'm still waiting for that day when I get the winning numbers in the lottery.

Lo and behold, I was one of the three winners of Marge's giveaway, and was informed about it just in time because I do check her blog regularly. Well, needless to say, I was absolutely delighted! And what's more, I got the package which I actually was eyeing on when Marge posted photos of the prizes on her blog. WHY CAN'T I HAVE THIS LUCK ALL THE TIME? ^^

Let's see some photos I took of ze prizes, hmmmm? :D


Marge emailed me that my package contained a mirror and she was worried that I might receive it a shattered  mess. But it arrived WHOLE and well, and I was happy to duly report it to her. And yes, I did need a new mirror for my makeshift vanity. This giveaway has been kind to me, lolz!! 

What my prize package comprised of:
  1. Tony Moly mirror
  2. Tony Moly Backstage Self Smoky Eye Collection (an eyeliner cream/eye shadow duo/eyeliner brush set in one)
  3. Nature Republic Age Slick Collagen BB Cream (sample size)
  4. Tony Moly Floria sample set
  5. The Face Shop soap samples
  6. Maybelline Pulse Perfection mascara
  7. Maybelline Fruity Jelly lip gloss
  8. The Face Shop Arsaint Eco-Therapy Vitalist sample set
  9. Lactacyd (pink) sample sachet
  10. Garnier Oil Clear Brightening and Oil Control Scrub (2 sachets)
  11. Glambox keychain
This set right here is already enough for a nice but simple look:

Of course, teh kittehz inspect the new wares!!!! 

My knucklehead direcat Duo gives an initial sniff

My princess Anya takes off after a bit of a looksee~~

Kitties everywhere! Alas, my white boy Brave can only inspect from afar (he 's still not allowed to mingle with my other kitties since he's recovering from a burn D:)

Also, it's been a week since my last post, and this post was supposed to be put up in time February ends... a bit behind schedule, but hey, getting there. :D I still have a lot in store for this li'l blog of mine (I'm gonna let is shine.... This li'l blog of mine, I'm gonna let it shine... say whaa~myblog'sburstingintosong~~)

Thanks again, Marge, for holding this giveaway! :D 

Stay tuned for reviews of some of the items I received, like maybe the Tony Moly stuff and the BB cream. :3



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